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Starting your own casino – how to do it and how to protect your and customer’s data.

Online casinos account for around half of the income generated by the online gambling industry. The barrier to entry for online businesses is lower than that for bricks and mortar businesses, but starting an online casino still carries with it a number of legal burdens. Some of those are common to all businesses, such as data protection. Others relate specifically to online gambling.

Choosing your Casino Software

The Gambling Commission places strict rules and regulations on how casino sites can operate. Random number generators must be as close to truly random as they can be given that they are based on computer algorithms, and the software for things such as poker games must be approved and meet standards for security and randomness too.

There are developers that make bespoke software for online casino sites and there are a number of off-the-shelf solutions which casino owners can skin to suit their brand. Bespoke software carries a heavy price tag. Off-the-shelf solutions are easier to get started with, however you should research the games that they offer and how often they add new games. Make sure that the game options will suit your target audience.


Casino websites will need to use a high risk merchant processor. The casino industry is one that faces a great risk of fraud compared to other websites. Make shopping around for a good payment processor a priority.

Protecting Your Customer Data

Companies that wish to serve people from Europe are required to abide by the GDPR, which is an act that replaces the old Data Protection act and that covers modern data challenges such as email and collecting personal data online. Casinos have to be particularly careful when dealing with international customers, and must collect only the data that is necessary and store it wisely. You should seek specialist advice before launching your casino.

How to Find the Perfect Online Casino

With the online world in full bloom, online casinos have thrived. Now there are literally hundreds to be found all over the Internet. But sometimes, plentiful choice can be overwhelming and it can be confusing to find a good online casino. That being said, here are a few helpful tips to note when it comes to deciding where to play you hard earned cash online.

Online casinos work much in the same way as their brick and mortar counterparts. They offer a huge number of games and due to their being online can offer even more choice. With almost unlimited space online they are able to provide more options in all game types from blackjack and poker through to three reel, five reel and progressive slots. Slots especially have a huge number of games, and you can find lots of information online about how they developed.

New players should be aware of what games are offered at their chosen casino, which providers offer them and whether the casino holds a gaming license. Knowing these details will firstly allow players to make sure their game of choice is on offer but will also give an indication of how trustworthy the casino is as a whole. Providers such as Microgaming and NetEnt are very reputable so it can be guaranteed that the games will be regularly audited to make sure they comply with gaming fairness. Likewise a license will ensure that strict rules are obeyed and therefore make the casino a safe place for visitors to play.

Online casinos also use a wide variety of monetary services with which to make transactions. It is therefore useful to have an online bank account or even an account with a service such as Skrill or PayPal in order to make all your transactions as simple as possible, improving the enjoyment of the game.

Poker: A Game of Strategy

Obviously everyone has their own reason as to why they enjoy a particular poker game. Some people will play just to pass time; some enjoy the thrill; while others just want to earn some money from playing the game. The majority of the latter treats poker as a very serious enterprise, and plays it professionally. The people who do this for the money know that they are entering the game to play other players at the table who want the exact thing they want.

When at the table, a fair poker game starts with all the players being dealt the same number of cards. As you proceed, some of the players will have changed more cards than others, but when the dealer makes the call everyone will have to present what they have at hand. Everyone has to follow their own strategy as the game proceeds. There are several gaming strategies people can use, though they are not cast in stone. Every player should master their own strategy. In the end, the one who has the best strategy, mixed with a little luck, will win the game.

Here Are Some General Poker Strategies

If you’re new to poker, the first thing you need to do is decide which type of poker they are going to play, and therefore which strategy to learn. Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em are played very differently and one strategy might not necessarily work for both. You can learn more about this here.

Always know when to hold back. There is always a temptation to throw in more chips whenever you are losing. Know when to leave. Always have a cut off limit when it comes to your money. Don’t ever be tempted to spend more than your budget. There is always another day, so if today is not your lucky day, take a breather and come back tomorrow. Finally, always have a goal in every game, and chase it religiously until you achieve it.

Poker face – Hands and their rankings

Having a great poker face is all about understanding the hand that you hold and how strong this hand is against others. Of course you may be just bluffing, but let us start by looking at the strongest hand of all.

The Royal Flush appears only once in 650,000 deals, so it is pretty clear why this hand is the strongest of all. The hand must have all cards from the same suit, run in numerical order without gaps and end in an ace.

A Straight Flush is just like the Royal Flush except that it does not need to end with an ace.

Four of a Kind is the next best thing. The hand is just what its name suggests, having four cards of the same value.

A Full House consists of a pair and three of a kind, in terms of face value. So, for example, you may have two 3’s and three jacks.

The Flush hand has all five cards as members of the same suit. A Straight is the next strongest hand, with cards in numerical order without gaps, but from a mix of suits.

Three of a Kind follows the same rules as Four of a Kind, and in terms of strength this hand outranks Two Pairs, which in turn outranks One Pair.

The final hand is the worst of all, with the High Card simply being the single card with the highest face value.

If you are ready to visit a European online casino to start betting on poker, then first be sure that you can do so by checking out the legalities relating to your country. Click here for more info. Or find out more about general online gambling by checking out information that can easily be found by doing a little research.

Remember, you are not guaranteed to win, so never bet with more money than you can afford to lose. Set yourself a limit and stick to it.

How to find your favourite casino

An online search centres around one, and only one, entity ‒ Google. If you want to find anything in the vast expanses of the World Wide Web, you type it into the iconoclastic search bar, and within a couple of seconds you would likely find what you are looking for.

With Google all but dominating the search engine space, we will use this as the basis for our searches, especially if we are searching for an online casino.

We present a left-field option of discovering a premium casino, which could then go on to become your preferred website. Here’s the How-To:

  1. Step 1 – Casino Listings
    Use Google to find websites that contain an updated list of the best performing and popular online casinos. This is a good place to start your search. And here’s why: the listing sites contain a treasure of information regarding a particular virtual casino. This includes a review of it as well. When a particular casino catches your fancy, simply read through the information posted, and then you can make up your mind. There is also plenty of information at your fingertips on the whys and wherefores of playing in an online casino.
  2. Step 2 – Try The Free Games
    Once you have honed down on a website, try out its free games; the reason being that it will give you a fair idea of the software titles that you can find on the website. Apart from that, you will also gain a first-hand experience of how smoothly the games function.
  3. Step 3 – The Welcome Bonus
    This is as straightforward as they come. Some online casinos offer better bonuses and promotions to first time players. The list of casino websites comes in handy here as they contain the various freebies that are on offer. Check them out before you sign up.
  4. Step 4 – Security
    It is recommended to never select an online casino that does not offer the latest encryption ( to safeguard your financial details.

Casinos and Responsive Design

Many online casinos are utilising responsive design in their sites, but what does this actually mean? In the following article we will outline what this is and does for the site and the user.

First, it is important to understand what responsive web design actually is. Responsive design is a way of designing the web site so that it responds and changes in response to the way that the user uses and behaves on the site. It takes into account the type of device that is being used, screen size, orientation and more. The way this is achieved is by designing the website using flexible layouts and images, and using the software programing tool CSS. All of this modifies and changes the way that the screen looks, to make it look optimal for the user no matter what screen size is being used.

As technology advances and the ability to access Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world increases, players are using more and more different types of devices in order to access their favourite games. Because of this it is becoming increasingly important that websites can be viewed easily both on a large traditional laptop screen and also on smaller screens like that of a smartphone, or an intermediate size like a tablet or iPad from Apple. Players need to find this type of information, and a lot of it can be found at Casino Topsites Due to this increased demand for game play on smaller screens, casinos are now changing the way their websites are displayed, allowing customers the choice to play on any device type. The sites are becoming responsive so that the user can enjoy an easy and understandable interface, find the games they wish to play, and play them all on an easy and straightforward website.

Responsive design is essential for attracting players to these sites.

The Open Doors of Europe’s Gambling Capital

When one thinks about gambling, a few famous locales come to mind almost instantly. There is Las Vegas, of course, and then there is Monaco, which is the home of the Monte Carlo Casino and Resort.

malta casino

While these locations have their benefits, there are many ways in which they do not compare to another well-known location in Europe. Malta is seen as the gambling capital of Europe, if not the world.

The reason for its status doesn’t come directly from the land-based casinos, however. Malta hosts an enormous number of online casino licenses. The fact that they have so many unique online businesses involved with gambling means that they are more deeply embedded in the gaming industry, which means that their reach extends far beyond that of their competition.

Get Licensed

For those of you interested in getting involved in the casino business, you are in luck. The government of Malta has done many things to make it easy for non-nationals to take part in the business opportunities on offer.

One of the most notable advantages to running a casino licensed in Malta is the tax advantage. With the current tax situation, business owners in Malta take home a larger percentage of their profits than their counterparts in other countries. Another big advantage is that the government encourages foreign nationals to come to Malta to set up their business. There is the Malta Residence and Visa Programme, for example, which helps foreigners get long-term residency in the country.


To take part in the gambling action taking place in Malta is to experience a cultural phenomenon unlike anything that has been seen before. There are more people all around the world these days signing on to casinos than there ever have been, and by getting into the industry while the industry is still in its adolescence, investors are sure to do well financially.

Casino Games: The Old Classics

We are all aware that the number of online casinos has grown into the hundreds of thousands during the last few years. We can now enjoy high-definition graphics, three-dimensional games and action-packed entertainment. Still, it is any coincidence that the “tried-and-true” classics are still the most popular?

Representing a traditional appeal, these gambling favourites have made a lasting impression upon the industry. So, what do many consider to be the most popular types of gambling? Let’s take a look at a few top picks.

online poker


It should be no surprise that poker has made the top of the list. Offering a mixture of intrigue, suspense and strategy, this card game has been popular for hundreds of years in many shapes and forms. While electronic versions are certainly fun, the basic principles have remained the same. So, poker is perhaps the most recognizable classic in the entire industry.


Reaching twenty-one is as fun as it is challenging. This classic game has been offered in casinos for years and likewise, it is a prominent feature of numerous online portals. Does its appeal revolve around the chances of enjoying massive winnings or is it instead the fast-paced nature of Blackjack which attracts so many different players? Either way, Blackjack is indeed here to stay.


The chances of a shiny ball landing upon one’s lucky number are quite appealing. Roulette is a game based primarily off of statistical luck and yet, players still love the prospect of winning it big with every spin. Besides being visually stimulating, roulette is also featured prominently within many online casinos. Players can enjoy the thrill of each round and thanks to modern technology, bonus levels and even three-dimensional interaction have now both become realities.

These three immortal classics are here to stay. For both novices and professionals alike, they represent adventure and adrenaline-packed excitement. We will continue to see these games evolve well into the future.