Poker face – Hands and their rankings

Having a great poker face is all about understanding the hand that you hold and how strong this hand is against others. Of course you may be just bluffing, but let us start by looking at the strongest hand of all.

The Royal Flush appears only once in 650,000 deals, so it is pretty clear why this hand is the strongest of all. The hand must have all cards from the same suit, run in numerical order without gaps and end in an ace.

A Straight Flush is just like the Royal Flush except that it does not need to end with an ace.

Four of a Kind is the next best thing. The hand is just what its name suggests, having four cards of the same value.

A Full House consists of a pair and three of a kind, in terms of face value. So, for example, you may have two 3’s and three jacks.

The Flush hand has all five cards as members of the same suit. A Straight is the next strongest hand, with cards in numerical order without gaps, but from a mix of suits.

Three of a Kind follows the same rules as Four of a Kind, and in terms of strength this hand outranks Two Pairs, which in turn outranks One Pair.

The final hand is the worst of all, with the High Card simply being the single card with the highest face value.

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