The Open Doors of Europe’s Gambling Capital

When one thinks about gambling, a few famous locales come to mind almost instantly. There is Las Vegas, of course, and then there is Monaco, which is the home of the Monte Carlo Casino and Resort.malta casinoWhile these locations have their benefits, there are many ways in which they do not compare to another well-known location in Europe. Malta is seen as the gambling capital of Europe, if not the world.The reason for its status doesn’t come directly from the land-based casinos, however. Malta hosts an enormous number of online casino licenses. The fact that they have so many unique online businesses involved with gambling means that they are more deeply embedded in the gaming industry, which means that their reach extends far beyond that of their competition.

Get Licensed

For those of you interested in getting involved in the casino business, you are in luck. The government of Malta has done many things to make it easy for non-nationals to take part in the business opportunities on offer.One of the most notable advantages to running a casino licensed in Malta is the tax advantage. With the current tax situation, business owners in Malta take home a larger percentage of their profits than their counterparts in other countries. Another big advantage is that the government encourages foreign nationals to come to Malta to set up their business. There is the Malta Residence and Visa Programme, for example, which helps foreigners get long-term residency in the country.


To take part in the gambling action taking place in Malta is to experience a cultural phenomenon unlike anything that has been seen before. There are more people all around the world these days signing on to casinos than there ever have been, and by getting into the industry while the industry is still in its adolescence, investors are sure to do well financially.