Starting your own casino – how to do it and how to protect your and customer’s data.

Online casinos account for around half of the income generated by the online gambling industry. The barrier to entry for online businesses is lower than that for bricks and mortar businesses, but starting an online casino still carries with it a number of legal burdens. Some of those are common to all businesses, such as data protection. Others relate specifically to online gambling.

Choosing your Casino Software

The Gambling Commission places strict rules and regulations on how casino sites can operate. Random number generators must be as close to truly random as they can be given that they are based on computer algorithms, and the software for things such as poker games must be approved and meet standards for security and randomness too.There are developers that make bespoke software for online casino sites and there are a number of off-the-shelf solutions which casino owners can skin to suit their brand. Bespoke software carries a heavy price tag. Off-the-shelf solutions are easier to get started with, however you should research the games that they offer and how often they add new games. Make sure that the game options will suit your target audience.


Casino websites will need to use a high risk merchant processor. The casino industry is one that faces a great risk of fraud compared to other websites. Make shopping around for a good payment processor a priority.

Protecting Your Customer Data

Companies that wish to serve people from Europe are required to abide by the GDPR, which is an act that replaces the old Data Protection act and that covers modern data challenges such as email and collecting personal data online. Casinos have to be particularly careful when dealing with international customers, and must collect only the data that is necessary and store it wisely. You should seek specialist advice before launching your casino.